Nigeria Immigration Service Passport premium service.

Passport premium service.

The Nigeria Immigration Service is pleased to announce the introduction of the Passport Premium Service, an optional expedited processing option designed to provide applicants with a faster turnaround time for obtaining their international passports. This service caters to those who require their passports urgently and are willing to pay an additional fee for convenience and speed. The Passport Premium Service aims to provide a fast, reliable, and transparent option for applicants needing their passports quickly, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction in the passport issuance process.


  • Walk-in: The service provides applicants with the option to select same-day appointments and complete biometric capturing on the same day with payment.
  • Speed: The primary benefit of the Passport Premium Service is the reducing processing time, allowing applicants to receive their passports within 48 hours.
  • Convenience: Applicants who need their passports urgently can avoid the stress and uncertainty of longer processing times.

FAQs of Providing Passport Premium Service:

  • What is the Passport Premium Service?
    • The Passport Premium Service is an optional expedited service that ensures applicants receive their passports within a minimum of 48 hours after submission. It caters to those with urgent travel needs.
  • Who is eligible for the Passport Premium Service?
    • All applicants are eligible for this category of service.
  • How much does the Passport Premium Service cost?
    • The cost of the Passport Premium Service is 50,000 naira, which is an additional fee on top of the regular passport application fee.
  • How do I apply for the Passport Premium Service?
    • Applicants can choose the Passport Premium Service during the application process. When selecting the processing center, they will see a pop-up message informing them of the premium service option and the associated fees.
  • What documents are required for the Passport Premium Service?
    • The required documents for the Passport Premium Service are the same as those for the standard passport application. Ensure all necessary documents are submitted to avoid delays.
  • Can I apply for the Passport Premium Service online?
    • Yes, the application for the Passport Premium Service can be completed online through the designated passport portal. Ensure you select the premium service option during the application process.
  • Is there an appointment system for the Passport Premium Service?
    • Yes, applicants will be required to book an appointment at ( and a fee will be charged upon completion of the process.
  • What happens if my application is delayed?
    • While the Passport Premium Service aims to deliver passports within 48 hours, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. In such cases, applicants will be notified promptly, and efforts will be made to resolve the issue quickly.
  • Can I track the status of my premium passport application?
    • Yes, applicants can track the status of their premium passport application through the same portal used for passport tracking ( The status will be updated regularly.
  • Is the Passport Premium Service available at all passport centers?
    • No, the Passport Premium Service is available at the following locations: Lagos, Federal Capital Territory, Kano, and Port Harcourt.
  • What payment methods are accepted for the Passport Premium Service?
    • Payments for the Passport Premium Service can be made using credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • What if I need to cancel or change my premium service appointment?
  • What is the policy for refund of paid appointment?
    • There will be no refund after a successful payment.
  • What if I have additional questions or need support?
    • For additional questions or support, applicants can contact the customer service helpline provided on the immigration website