The PTF on Covid-19 has enforced all passengers arriving in Nigeria fill the pre-arrival form and generate a QR code before onboarding their flight.

The Nigeria High Commission wishes to bring to the attention of the general public that the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has issued the following REVISED QUARANTINE PROTOCOL for persons arriving in Nigeria from Abroad (including returnees/stranded Nigerians). PRE-DEPARTURE/ ON BOARD A. Passengers arriving /returning to Nigeria must have tested NEGATIVE for COVID19 (pre-boarding PCR test in country of departure).

PCR test MUST be within 2 weeks before departure and preferably no less than 5 days pre boarding. B. Tests done more than two weeks before departure are not valid and persons will not be allowed to board; but for the 5 days minimum, this is advisory and will not preclude boarding. C. On board, passengers are required to fill in the Health Declaration/ Self Reporting Form & the Sample Collection Time Allocation Form (see the attached form). D. Passengers should ensure that the information/contact details provided on the form are correct and are verifiable and they can be reached on the phone number and at the address provided. ON ARRIVAL IN NIGERIA A. Upon arrival in Nigeria, passengers shall queue in an orderly manner and disembarkation will be done systematically and in batches to avoid overcrowding. B. Passengers will proceed for health screening at the Point of Entry. C. The Health Declaration Form will be assessed and collected along with the Sample Collection Form. D. Passengers are requested to:

(i) Keep their face masks on. (ii) Perform hand hygiene. (iii) Ensure respiratory / cough etiquette; cough into tissue, sleeve/ bent elbow and discard used tissue safely into a bin. (iv) Always observe and maintain physical distancing measures. E. Persons who have arrived in Nigeria are advised to self isolate for 14 days and to remain in the City/ State where the Point of Entry is located (i.e., Lagos or Abuja) throughout the duration of self-quarantine. F. If not resident in Lagos or Abuja, passengers shall make arrangements for accommodation at their own cost ( Please note that the Federal Government will not be responsible for providing accommodation nor transportation to the place of abode). G. Passengers will be cleared through the Nigeria Immigration System’s Migrants Identification Data Analysis System (MIDAS) and their passports retained until after successful completion of the 14 days self-quarantine. H. They will be given an appointment time and date to present at the Sample Collection Centre located in Lagos or Abuja for a repeat COVID19 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. I. Passengers must provide their full and correct address and phone number before exiting the airport. They must comply with self isolation/quarantine guidelines and ensure that they can be reached/can be

located during the period. J. Persons who are unable to remain in Lagos or Abuja throughout the period of self-quarantine may return to their States of residence ONLY after: (a) They have had their samples collected and are NEGATIVE for COVID-19. (b) Provided Public Health Officials with their full and correct address and phone number where they can be reached. K. Persons who have completed the 14 days of self-isolation/quarantine will undergo an exit interview.